Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Getting Inked

LA, New York, Miami--doesn't matter where you live. We're seeing ink slingers on TV and seeing their designs on celebs. Some of my favorite book characters have tattoos. Lately, I'm even seeing a big trend of tattoos in the high school where I work. It seems like most people I know are getting inked, whether they're 14 or 40!

I got my first tattoo just a couple years ago for an anniversary present. My hubby got one too. Yeah, we waited many, many years to get inked. When my students ask me about that, I tell them this: I was afraid I would get something I'd someday regret. So I waited & waited until the design I wanted STAYED the design I wanted. You know what? The same design I dreamed of at age 16 was what I got after all these years!! Go figure. But my hubby would've wound up with the cover of a Guns-N-Roses album!

With the inconsistent nature of personal relationships, it takes a lot of bravery, trust, love, or maybe even recklessness! to put a person's name on your body. My tattoo had 3 words written around it & they morphed within a year, becoming unreadable. Lesson learned: get a reputable tattoo artist & DON'T get small letters.

The trend seems to be ever-increasing, so we can expect to see more tattoos on more of our book characters. Many covers are already adorned with swirling black designs. Do these covers turn you off or on to a title? If you have a favorite tattooed character, who is she/he?

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