Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teen Talk Tuesday: Trends

Last week was the debut of Teen Talk Tuesday, and I just wanted to share how much the participating students enjoyed it. They were so excited to see your questions and seemed eager to impart their knowledge of all things teen.

The kids were able to answer most of the questions posted on the blog last week, but we saved two questions for this week:
1. Popular clothing brands
     The kids listed the following labels and stores as being trendy: Nike Jordan shoes, Polo, American Eagle, Hollister, Toms shoes, and Abercrombie. For less expensive labels, they named Rue 21 and Forever 21. (One young lady said she didn't care which store her clothes came from, and left her mother to choose her styles for her.)

2. E-books vs Print books
     Students with e-readers at our school unanimously preferred reading print books over e-books. However, they emphasized that they loved Kindles for the other features.

Writers, what would you like to ask the teens this week? Please post your burning question as a comment, and I'll pass it along to my students who are sure to know the answer!!


PJ Sharon said...

Great idea for a blog!

As a YA author I would like to know what genre they read most, (paranormal, dystopian, contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy)?

Also, what would they like to see more of?

Oh, and ask who their current favorite hollywood hotties are, male and female.


Sandi said...

Thanks, PJ. We're having a lot of fun with this, too!

You question #1:
The kids I polled today preferred Dystopian, followed by contemporary. (We've had a decline in sci-fi readers over the past two years. Idk why.)

Question #2:
They all said they want more dystopian. Some girls said they loved The Hunger Games and Ashes, in particular, and want more books like those. One boy said "dystopian that was more realistic...no more zombies, please!"

Question 3:
Fave male hotties: Ryan Gosling (yay!!!)
Channing Tatum
Robert Pattinson (though his name caused one girl to roll her eyes!)
Gerard Butler

Fave female hotties:
Cameron Diaz
Reese Witherspoon
Anne Hathaway (got several votes)
Jessica Alba

Hope this helps!

Zoraida Cordova said...

It's nice to see that American Eagle is still alive and kicking. I worked there all through college and can attest to how busy it always was!


Sandi said...


It's also one of the few places that the boys tend to prefer. Some of the guys here wear nothing but AE clothing.

B. A. Binns said...

You said students preferred reading print books over eBooks. I don't want to do a battle of the sexes thing, but I'd like to know how that broke down in male versus female (and yes, I know more girls read than guys). I would also like you to ask the guys what they like to read, their favorite genres (including nonfiction) and titles.

Sandi said...

Hi, B.A. And thanks for stopping by! Very few kids own e-readers at our school, and they're all female. The guys I interviewed this week all preferred dystopian. Of course, that could change on any given day--just depends on who walks in. I'll pose your question to the next batch of kids & try to have the answer next Tuesday.