Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Senses

Every super hero has one. Superman and Spiderman had several. On USA's Psych, one of my fave TV shows, there's a running gag about Gus's "supersniffer" and its amazing ability to detect scents.

Over the years as a librarian, I've sometimes noticed a single student in a large group will complain about something random: a chair being too hard, the room temperature too hot or cold, a smell or a sound that no else notices or can identify. It's no joke. Some people are more sensitive than others. My husband's super sense is his sense of hearing. It's spooky how he can recognize songs or singers by only listening to a couple of notes. He can even predict what song will be playing next on the radio with surreal accuracy.

However, almost everyone has a dominant sense. My strongest sense (not so super) is my sense of touch, so I find myself describing textures in great detail in my writing. In my last book, my heroine's strongest sense was her sight, which came in handy for her as an artist. Maybe the next MC could have a dominant sense of taste. I'd have to sample a lot of goodies for research, of course! Don't know what your dominant sense is? There are some nifty quizzes online, including some to see if you're compatible with your partner based on your dominant senses.


Brinda said...

I have a super sense of smell. I can walk into a room and sense if there is an odd or different smell. Smells that are too strong drive me insane. I can't even wear some colognes because they overwhelm me.

Sandi said...

That sounds like it definitely has its disadvantages! Lol.