Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something More Than Friends: Teen Talk Tuesday

Today some of my students share their secret feelings. One Teen Talk Tuesday commenter asked, "Have you ever had a girl (or a boy) as a friend and considered them as something more?"

Here's a sampling of what my students had to say:
Tim (18): Never have. My friends are just my friends.

Don (16): Yes. I asked her out. We went out a while. Then we went back to being friends.

Tiffany (13): Yes. I never told him! Other people got in the way. He started going out with someone, but I sometimes wish I'd told him. We're still good friends.

Tami (14): Yes. When I told him I liked him, it made everything awkward. We didn't ever go out. We're still friends but not as close.

Molly (14): Yeah, I told him I liked him, but we didn't talk as much. We started going out, but things were different. After we broke up, the friendship went back to the way it was before.

Kelly (16): I was friends with this guy, and we started to like each other. We talked more and more at school. Then we started talking on Facebook, and he came over to my house. We went out for a while. After we broke up, we stayed friends. If I started to feel like that with another friend, it could happen again.

As always, my students love to answer your questions. If you want a teen perspective about most anything, post your question as a comment and I'll share their response.


Catherine Stine said...

Always interesting to hear from teens. I teach lit to college freshmen and I love to talk to them, and listen to what they're up to. Thanks for the share.voyeetag dulart

Sandi said...

Thanks, Catherine. They like being able to share anonymously, and ask about the blog every day!