Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fandemonium: Teen Talk Tuesday

Earlier this week and for the very first time, I purchased concert tickets to see my teen idols, Duran Duran, on stage.


Yes, that was me you heard screaming across the country. Today they're as old as dirt, but they were my everything when I was ## years old. (I'm still half in love with the bassist, but don't tell my hubby!) I literally papered my entire bedroom with posters of them, and I'm sure some marketer somewhere had me on his radar. I bought everything there was to buy!

This lead me to this week's questions for a few of my students:

Which celebrity are you a fanatic for, and on a scale of "casual interest" to "Stalker", where do you see yourself?

The first celebrity named was Ke$ha.

"Alex," 16, said she loved Ke$ha and owns all her songs. She rated herself a 4 on a "1 to STALKER" scale.

Next, Chris Brown.

"Mya," 14, rated her fandemonium for Chris Brown as a 6. She loves all his songs.

And finally, Carrie Underwood.

"April," 14, rated herself a 7 on the fan scale. She has all her songs.

And a 4th student said she didn't consider herself a fanatic for any single celebrity.
None of these students admitted to spending much money on their favorites, but they were all very emphatic about their listening preferences. Word, writers! Music is a key part of a teenager's life.

As always, my students love to answer your questions. If you want a teen perspective about most anything, post your question as a comment and I'll share their response.

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