Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Web-find Wednesday: Edward Gorey

Welcome to the first "Web-find Wednesday," a new regular feature here on MB&DTK for weird and wonderful things found on the Internet. Expect to find the bizarre, the gross, the disturbing…everything from websites to videos to Tumblrs, you name it. Today it's...

Edward Gorey!

Guys, I lovvvve Edward Gorey. Years before Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes took over PBS, I was watching Masterpiece Theatre. In particular, Masterpiece Mystery with its kitschy intro--those creepy, gothic black and white illustrations and the quaking damsel in distress. The amazing artist Edward Gorey created those wonderful characters and illustrated many books for children.

Some of his books are a bit disturbing to me as a former school librarian, with skeleton teachers embracing wee innocent babes (Gashlycrumb Tinies) ... but who am I kidding? I would've loved having any of his picture books as a kid!

"K is for Kate. Killed with an ax." (Yeah, I was a little morbid.)

The man himself was amazingly eccentric, loving fur coats and cats, and supposedly inspired Tim Burton.

There are lots of licensed products with Gorey's images. Visit for the official website, biography, museum hours, and products.

Go forth and enjoy Edward Gorey!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My news!!!

Dusting off the old, bringing in the new. I haven't posted in a while, but there's been a good reason for that. A VERY good reason--I've been writing! I've sold a couple of adult books, which was exciting. Meanwhile, I kept working on my YA writing. It's been a long and rocky trip, full of revisions and rewrites. Over the past two years I've had great help and advice from more people than I can possibly thank in one post. Now, finally I have the news I've been waiting to share:

My first YA Gothic novel will soon be published with….


I'm over the moon and can't wait to bring this story to you!!!!!!!! Until then, I'll return to regular posting here on the blog. 

What can you expect to see on MAD, BAD, & DANGEROUS TO KNOW? 


The grotesque,

The frightful,

The Romantic,

The lovely,

The desolate,

and above all… the unexpected.