Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Artsy Fartsy Word Site

Here's a website that's new-to-me for today's Web-find:

One of my students introduced me to the site and now I'm hooked. Similar to Wordle, another great word webpage, Tagxedo appeals to me on many levels. First, I can import text from whatever I'm digging at the moment. Second, it lets me manipulate the text into images of my choice. And last but not least, I can change colors, fonts, etc. in a very user-friendly format. It even lets you see your history just in case you change your mind and decide to return to a previous masterpiece. I found that posting to social media is easy, and you can download without any problems in a variety of file sizes.

Here's my masterpiece…


Lord Byron in text from the description for my YA romance, BYRONIC. 

Isn't he handsome??? (Squint just a lil' bit.)

Have fun with some word art!

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