Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Legend of the Gray Man: Web-find Wednesday

The South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands are known for their stories of shipwrecks, pirates, and haunted plantations. Seriously, the area seems to emote a haunting presence to me, and I can't help the feeling I'm not alone as I walk through the ruins of old Low Country cemeteries, mansions, and slave quarters. 

This week's Web-find is The Gray Man, also known as the Pawley's Island Ghost.

The Gray Man is probably the most famous South Carolina ghost story. Pawley's Island is a low-key resort island, also well-known for its hammocks and has been struck by five deadly hurricanes which were predicted by The Gray Man. According to legend, the apparition of the Gray Man appears to people, warning them of impending hurricanes. If you're lucky enough to see the ghost and follow his warning, your house is spared. The first instance of the sighting was said to have been in 1822 when a disastrous hurricane struck and killed hundreds in the Charleston area.

Video: The Legend of The Gray Man (8:53min)

More info: 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Dream to Some, a Nightmare to Others

From the movie GOTHIC, inspired by the events behind the writing of Frankenstein

Hey, guys. I’m away at a conference this week, but I managed to find something cool to share. Since I'm on the road, I thought now would be the perfect time for a post on nightmares. I usually have a least one when I’m traveling, but that's a good thing. Some of my favorite story ideas originated from my nightmares. I find it hard to recreate the same fear that I experienced--heart palpitating from some bizarre scene that had felt so real--but I do my best.

In fact one of the scenes I’m writing for Prometheus Unbound (Book 2, The Prometheus Order series) came from a nightmare I had while writing Byronic. For those of you who don’t know, the premise of the Prometheus Order series came from the actual events and nightmares that inspired the creation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Nightmare: Horror and Dark Fantasy

Today’s Wednesday Web-find is another online magazine, Nightmare

From the website: Nightmare is an online horror and dark fantasy magazine. In Nightmare’s pages, you will find all kinds of horror fiction, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror.

Edited by John Joseph Adams, the site offers award-winning stories, podcasts, ebooks, and some of the most amazing, disturbing art.

Enjoy visiting Nightmare!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

BYRONIC $25 Amazon/B&N Giftcard Contest!

Thanks you for your interest in The Reading Romantics--a group of readers who are excited about my books and who want to spread the word about upcoming events and releases. I would be honored if you joined my team. 

Sandi Beth Jones


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    Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    Got Ink?: Web-find Wednesday

    I'm a sucker for bad boys, so naturally I gravitate toward a guy with a tattoo (or 20 tattoos!). For me they conjure up an image of rebellion, attitude, and self-expression. When I see one, I wonder what the story is behind the art and why did they choose it? Certainly, Geoffrey Ramsey, the main character in BYRONIC (YA supernatural romance) has one. Geoff's a little aloof, so he hasn't shared much about his ink yet. But a girl can hope!

    Today's web-find:

    The website includes a handy interactive map of tattoos of the world. It highlights history, culture, and more. It features the Maori, Borneo, circus tats, and the ink of North American cultures.

    The museum is connected to the larger Vanishing Tattoo site, which also shares celebrity tattoos, symbols, facts, and more.

    Some of the images were beautiful and fascinating to me, others were more cringe-worthy. Just depends on a person's taste. 

    I can tell you that Geoff's tat is Native American, so it would probably be more like one of these:

    If you visit the site, let me know, or share any tattoo history sites you've found.