Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Got Ink?: Web-find Wednesday

I'm a sucker for bad boys, so naturally I gravitate toward a guy with a tattoo (or 20 tattoos!). For me they conjure up an image of rebellion, attitude, and self-expression. When I see one, I wonder what the story is behind the art and why did they choose it? Certainly, Geoffrey Ramsey, the main character in BYRONIC (YA supernatural romance) has one. Geoff's a little aloof, so he hasn't shared much about his ink yet. But a girl can hope!

Today's web-find:

The website includes a handy interactive map of tattoos of the world. It highlights history, culture, and more. It features the Maori, Borneo, circus tats, and the ink of North American cultures.

The museum is connected to the larger Vanishing Tattoo site, which also shares celebrity tattoos, symbols, facts, and more.

Some of the images were beautiful and fascinating to me, others were more cringe-worthy. Just depends on a person's taste. 

I can tell you that Geoff's tat is Native American, so it would probably be more like one of these:

If you visit the site, let me know, or share any tattoo history sites you've found.

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