Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Legend of the Gray Man: Web-find Wednesday

The South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands are known for their stories of shipwrecks, pirates, and haunted plantations. Seriously, the area seems to emote a haunting presence to me, and I can't help the feeling I'm not alone as I walk through the ruins of old Low Country cemeteries, mansions, and slave quarters. 

This week's Web-find is The Gray Man, also known as the Pawley's Island Ghost.

The Gray Man is probably the most famous South Carolina ghost story. Pawley's Island is a low-key resort island, also well-known for its hammocks and has been struck by five deadly hurricanes which were predicted by The Gray Man. According to legend, the apparition of the Gray Man appears to people, warning them of impending hurricanes. If you're lucky enough to see the ghost and follow his warning, your house is spared. The first instance of the sighting was said to have been in 1822 when a disastrous hurricane struck and killed hundreds in the Charleston area.

Video: The Legend of The Gray Man (8:53min)

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